Spout Big Space

/ Rock


« Spout Big Space. Damn, what is this thing? » Google, help me ... “Ball Spout, Mainly Used in Big Spaces Such as Airports, Theaters, Concerts and Museums” The price, please? Negotiable. ... No, no, no, that's not it. Originally called "Sputnik Space" a tribute to the Russian satellite, the group changed it's name to "Spout Big Space", following a typo.

The recipe of the group? Rock, rock, a dash of alcohol, a touch of romance, a spoonful of perversity and a good dose of energy..
Influences ? But of course. Our influences are diverse. We can cite groups such as Violent Femmes, The Cramps, Fidlar, Bob Log 3, The Stooges, Bonaparte, Allah Las, The Hives...

Our compositions often come from the tortured brain of one of our members, before infecting others and being worked collectively. We mainly compose as a group, and from our multiple influences emerge diverse compositions.

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